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Una ragazza Bulgara a Montesano (Italia)

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Va bene… I am here in South Italy almost for 2 months, and all the time I’m trying so hard to understand the people speaking in Italian… sometimes it works, but sometimes it definitely doesn’t laughingahahaha. During these 2 months I understood that...

this part of Italy is amazing, there are so many places which are like pieces of Paradise, so many lovely coasts, bays, turquoise waters, sunsets and amazing masterpieces of the Mother Nature. But there is one small or maybe not so small problem… if you don’t have a car here, you are stuck in one place, it is almost impossible to move from one to another place. The trains are an adventure because you feel like a star in a movie from the last century and even if they are on time it is quite possible to not get to your direction alive (it is a joke… or maybe notsealed). The trains are really slow and it would take you a year to reach the destination you want. So here in Montesano it is a challenge to socialize with the local people because most of them don’t speak English and my Italian doesn’t exist yet but it is funny sometimes when trying to have a conversation with them. The most popular phrase during the summer is “Molto caldo!” and it is like saying “hello” to someone.

But I want to tell you that if you want to have a magical holiday, Salento (Italy) is the right place! The whole region is amazing and you can find a piece of magic in every place ‘til the end of the heel where the two seas meet – Adriatic and Ionian. All you need is your summer mood, adventure spirit, some sunscreen and an Italian phrasebook!

Oh I have almost forgotten to tell you about my new friend Verde the lizard he is really small and fast. He lives in my bathroom and most of the time he tries to play hide and seek with me but I know that he loves me no matter what! embarassed

Tanya (and Verde)kiss

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