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"Quando a Roma vai, fa' come vedrai"

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Ciao a tutti!smile

I am Tanya from Bulgaria and I am going to live in Italy for six months… my dream came true! The reason for this adventure to start was this great EVS project situated in Montesano Salentino, a small town in this beautiful part of South Italy called Salento.  Now I am a volunteer in the center for refugees where Ruth and I are trying to “Breakdown the Wall” between them and the local community.

In the beginning of the project we had to attend a training course in Rome for one week, foreseen by the Erasmus Plus Programme, managed by AMESCI in cooperation with ENAIP with the support of the Italian National Agency.

So on the 18th of May our trip to this amazing city had started. There were 50 volunteers from different countries and projects in different parts of Italy. Our program had been really intensive during this week because every day we had Italian lessons for three or four hours and activities like team building, ice-breaking, self-knowledge and etc. We have learnt a lot about the way of inclusion, personal growth and the meaning and goals of EVS. We had a lot of fun in a friendly atmosphere where we were like a big Italian family. Also we had the opportunity to explore the beauty of Rome, and the best part for me was to get lost with a few friends in these small streets with amazing facades and hidden unexpected wonders. But that wasn’t everything we have learned it is much more, now we have a way better view and knowledge about different cultures, traditions and to be more understanding to each other. Meanwhile there was so much delicious food that we couldn’t resist.

Beauty, architecture, history, love, feelings… all of this is Rome but not only. At the end of this adventure we have a lot of wonderful memories, lovely friends and richer point of view about our volunteering and life.

Now Rome is part of us and we are part of Rome.

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